Review: Maxine’s


This might be the last Vancouver review I can do for a while, as I’ve exhausted my backlog of photos and sadly won’t be visiting any new cafes any time soon! I’ve saved a great one until last though and I write about it fondly, as it is one of my lasting memories of Vancouver.

It’s located on Burrard Street and the insane queue outside had always just put me off. It also seemed like a bougie brunch place, the kind where you might go for a celebration or before an event like the races or the hockey. When we shifted houses we were only just around the corner from Maxine’s and by now we had heard such good things about it that would have been frankly quite lazy if we didn’t make the effort to go. 

The first time we showed up at 9.30am to beat the morning rush. We got a booth style table which gave us an interesting perspective of the whole restaurant. Centred around a bar, you can see why Maxine’s radiates the energy that it does. 

The menu is elegant and quite simple, executed just the same. The first time I went I ordered the omelette and it was delicious. I can’t stand when restaurants don’t put cheese in their omelettes, like what is an omelette without the cheese!? The second time I had the shakshuka, seasoned to perfection I think a good shakshuka is the mark of a good restaurant. 

The French toast is one of Maxine’s most iconic dishes – I knew of its decadence so was encouraging someone else to order it. Thankfully Andy didn’t hold back, so I got to try some of his meal. It was just one insanely thick piece of bread (something like a small cake) but thankfully it wasn’t dry at all, it had been baked to ultimate yumminess.

Prices are maybe a little above the normal brunch price in Canada, but I think when you’re guaranteed a good meal it’s worth that extra dollar. The vibe of the restaurant makes it one of my favourite places in Vancouver to sit and people watch, and in a restaurant like this I think to assume the service is usually spot on.

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