Review: Mixture Eatery

The best omelette I have ever had!

The first great thing about Mixture Eatery is its location. Although it’s technically still on the main road of Mount Maunganui, it is a few blocks down from the epicentre, as well as being away from the hub of activity that exists at the bottom of the Mount. This makes it easy to get to, car parks are far more abundant and as a result, it’s not too hard to get a seat.

The next great thing is the selection of food. When you walk in you are instantly greeted by a towering cabinet piled high with lots of delicious looking food. A mixture of clean eats, vegetarian and yummy baked goods I don’t think anyone would be too hard-pressed to choose something! If they are, there is a glorious blackboard menu filled with modern and tastier options (although it could be a dollar or two more expensive than the average brunch menu).

Last but not least, the décor of the café is well thought out, spacious and trendy. On a nice day the tables sprawl out onto the pavement, making it a really nice spot to spend some time relaxing.

My recommendation: for a light snack, the almond croissant is the best I have ever had, but if you are feeling hungry the chicken burger is a no-brainer!

Mixture Eatery (436 Maunganui Road)

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