Review: OEB

Perched on prime real estate, OEB on the weekends is reliably busy. Its location at the end of Davie Street overlooking the Sea Wall in False Creek means that its a perfect spot rain or shine. Andy and I tried to go on a glorious winters day a few weeks ago, only to be told that there was a 2 hour wait before we could be seated. Fortunately, the week after we had a bit of a stay-cation, so we had the bright idea of checking it out mid week.

The sky was threatening to open as we cycled from our apartment around the Sea Wall, but thankfully it didn’t let loose until we were seated indoors. We nabbed a cozy window seat so that we could dog watch and admire the yachts in the marina nearby as the rain teemed. We ordered coffees immediately but it took us much longer to wrap our heads around the gigantic menu – there were so many options.

When it comes to brunch, omelettes are definitely my go-to. The menu here was next level: so many cocktails and seafood plates, it wouldn’t have taken much for it to quickly become a boozy brunch. We kept it simple though (we had a full day of stay-cation sightseeing planned) and I ended up with my comfy vegetarian omelette and Andy with the eggs benedict that was served on a croissant with brown butter hollandaise and came up with duck fat potatoes.

As we’ve come to expect in North America, the portions were huge and we ended up being very well fed. The rain delayed our leaving, which made us thankful we weren’t there in the busy weekends when we probably would have felt as though we were outstaying our welcome.

Both the coffee and food were solid. I think the factors that set OEB apart from other brunch spots in the area are its cool interior and its ideal spot on the Sea Wall. The interior is really funky and light,  with lots of different tables and seating areas. It would be a fun place to meet up for that boozy brunch with friends, as there is definitely something for everyone!

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