Review: Olympia Pizza and Pasta Restaurant


Olympia oozes good smells and vibes and I had been itching to go here since we moved to Vancouver. We thought it would be a good plan to wait for when my Mum came to visit – she’s a huge fan of Greek food and it could be something we all looked forward to together.

I had read that the food was meant to be great: reasonable prices, decent portions and an all round authentic feel. The menu includes lots of Greek classics: moussaka, spanakopita and so on, in addition to a huge range of deep dish pizzas and pastas – not so authentic, but supposedly still really good.

Everyone around us was ordering pizzas, but we all wanted to order one of the specials that were on display. I ordered the moussaka, Andy ordered a chorizo and chicken pizza and Mum got the roast lamb. Our meals were all served with rice, potatoes, salad and bread – there was no way we were going to finish our food.

Next time I go, I will definitely order the pizza: it looked and smelled divine. My moussaka was good but not great: I think it came down to me making moussaka so frequently at home myself (and loving it) that the one I ordered was different to mine and therefore I didn’t like it as much. It was probably way more traditional (mine is more of a lasagna and moussaka hybrid) but it was a lot less saucy and far more baked. It was still very flavoursome though!

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