Review: Ongba Vietnamese Eatery

I walk past this cute little joint on basically a daily basis. It couldn’t really be any closer to where I live and sometimes I’m sure I hear the delicious aromas wafting into our building! It’s often full, it always looked like it should be cheap and if it tastes half as good as how it smells, I knew I would enjoy myself. I love a good pho!

The menu is relatively simple but it definitely includes all the classic Vietnamese favourites, such as banh mi, pho, spring rolls and rice paper rolls. It’s not that expensive, although I think once the tip and tax is added it felt a little more pricey. Especially because we didn’t really rate the service so the tip ultimately feels like an empty expense. I’d heard mixed reviews about the service before we went, so I was probably more inclined to notice, however we didn’t feel particularly welcome and it was quite slow.

We ordered a bowl of pho each as well as the spring rolls. The food was really delicious, especially the pho. It tasted very authentic and it was a huge portion! The spring rolls were also tasty – I’m a big spring roll lover and quite easy to please, but if I had to be critical I would say that they were perhaps a little doughy in places. All around us people were ordering the banh mi, so I suspect that might be a dish done well.

I would definitely go back for the pho, however next time I would probably consider getting my food to take away and eat it in the comfort of my own apartment, where I know I’m always welcome!

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