Review: Oscar and Otto


A funny one actually. Rewind three months, and I had never heard of Oscar and Otto. Now I have visited there three times in approximately four weeks, and we have secured Hereford Kitchen (the owners of Oscar and Otto) to cater our wedding. A whirlwind romance (with Oscar and Otto, not with Andy 😉 ), but let’s hope it lasts at least another year!

Oscar and Otto is located on The Strand in Tauranga. The Strand is a bizarre area – it should be far more popular than what it is, which is something like a trendy, waterfront area but without the people. So something like a ghost town. Its relative lack of popularity is not a reflection on the quality of the restaurants along The Strand though, I assure you there are some excellent ones. Oscar and Otto is no exception.

The cafe-restaurant duo plays a game of two halves, where by day the left hand side (Oscar) is open as a cafe, and at night, the right hand side (Otto) steps up to bat. To be honest, I haven’t been to Otto for dinner, but my mum has and she said the food was great. Oscar, on the other hand, has become a firm favourite of mine for brunches when I’m staying with mum.

Oscar is light, spacious, modern and has a tasty menu that encompasses both breakfast and lunch. I’ve insisted that each time I go we all try something different, so we are at the point where we have tried about half the menu. The Turkish style eggs for me are an absolute winner, as is the pork belly dish and the French toast. Elegantly presented, the portion sizes are decent with subtle additions that show thought has gone into each dish.

We have booked Hereford Kitchen to cater not just our wedding, but also for our post wedding brunch – which will be held at Oscar itself. The menu will be a shortened one, but I have no doubt that the options will be as delicious as everything we have tried so far.

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