Review: Pacifica Home and Garden Store


Pacifica has to be one of my favourite cafes in the Bay of Plenty. Garden shop cafes usually go one of two ways: either really good or really bad! I have been to Pacifica quite a few times now, and it definitely fits into the first category. It’s a great spot for the Covid conscious, as they always check vaccine passports and there is plenty of outdoor seating. We often go there with my Grandad, as we can keep our bubble separate from others.

The selling point of Pacifica for me is that they have an exceptional cabinet. I love going out for brunch (and Pacifica offers a full menu too) but sometimes getting something from the cabinet is all you need, so it’s nice to be able to pick out something that you actually want, instead of just settling for something mediocre. Both sweet and savoury options are always enticing – cakes, slices, tarts, sausage rolls, filos, pies (gourmet of course!) and salads, there really is the full selection. 

Once you order and take a seat, there never seems to be much of a wait even when it is really busy (the benefits of ordering from a cabinet I suppose). The coffee is strong, I always ask for extra hot water, and that is great because I can savour the taste for longer. Prices are standard, we’re talking about $12 for a pie and side salad, or $5 for a tart or slice.

After our meal, we always take time to browse the gift shop. Aren’t garden gift shops always the best?! From clothes, to cook books, to homeware and plants, I don’t usually leave empty handed. Especially because the clearance section is usually well stocked.  

Pacifica may not be the most convenient cafe (unless you are based in Papamoa), however it is easy to get there along the expressway and you won’t leave feeling disappointed. 

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