Review: Palate Kitchen

Wow! I am SO pleased to announce, ladies and gentlemen, that I have a new brunch favourite in Vancouver. This is very exciting news as brunch is one of my absolute favourite meals, and living in North America I have felt my excitement for brunch dwindle a bit. Although we have eaten at plenty of delicious places in 2020, brunch spots in Vancouver tend to be far more indulgent than what I need. I have found myself often ordering omelettes here (aka the healthiest option) and even still they usually come out with a side of roast potatoes and half a loaf of bread! I don’t (usually) need mimosas or a Cesar, nor do I need a gazillion different sides, I just want a good, clean (or at least light) breakfast and a decent cup of black coffee.

Palate Kitchen offers this, and so much more. Owned by Pallet Coffee Roasters (see what they did there?) a good brew is virtually guaranteed. The coffee menu is extensive and they obviously take pride in offering  different bean varieties and being informed on each one. Our server had to go and check the details a few times, but we each felt very knowledgeable about the drinks we ordered!

The menu is knock-out. I was so excited to order from the brunch menu, which is full of yummy offerings like smashed avocado and sourdough, truffled mushrooms and various eggs benedicts, but I ended up not being able to go past the ’24 hour lamb’, a chef’s special actually located on the lunch menu. The lamb was slow cooked to perfection and served with baba ghanoush, labneh and sourdough. Of course Andy got the eggs benny. Both of our meals absolutely hit the mark, both in taste and ppresentation. The presentation and quality reminded me of eating at Higher Ground in Melbourne, one of my favourite brunch outings ever. There were so many other goodies on the menu too, such as the chicken burger and the mezze platter, so I have no doubt we’ll need to visit several times and slowly work our way through the menu.

The interior of Palate is so completely unexpected. There is a huge downstairs area, with a big bar and really high ceilings. At each end, a stair case transports you upstairs to two sets of mezzanine seating (one at each end of the building). These spaces are less busy and more cozy than the bustling vibe created below. Seating is abundant and as a result I expect it can get pretty noisy at times, as there wasn’t much sound absorption overall. We sat upstairs, closest to the street, but I think each seating area would create a different experience.

Yay for a Vancouver brunch place finally hitting the mark (I fully acknowledge my high standards here!) – I can’t wait to return!

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