Review: Peaked Pies

It was an odd feeling after travelling for so long to spot a sign around the corner from our house that reads “PEAKED PIES – Australian owned”. We felt like we hadn’t seen anything so nostalgic in such a long time (and we aren’t even from Australia!). Having just arrived from Cuba, we were craving some quality food so it didn’t take us long to find ourselves down at Peaked Pies.

There are about 10 different pies to choose from, as well as a delicious assortment of sweet pies and other baked treats. Not eating beef, our options were narrowed for us down to about 5. Andy ordered a butter chicken pie and I went for the ol’ classic of chicken and mushroom.

I didn’t realise “peaked” was anything more than just a name, but it’s actually the concept on which the name is based. Apparently some kind of Australian – English fusion, there is the option of adding any or all of mashed potatoes, peas and gravy to the top of the pie, giving it the appearance of a peak. It’s not something that I would have thought to do myself, but I appreciated the additional flavours and textures to what I considered an already delicious pie.

Prices were expensive, especially for what would be considered a very cheap meal option back at home. The pie was definitely one of the nicest bought pies I have ever had, but I’m not a huge pie eater anyway. It cost us a little over $30 for 2 pies (with partial peaks – we both omitted the peas) and we shared a drink.

Peaked Pies offers a range of craft beer and also a fair few meet up nights for Australians and Kiwis in Vancouver which is pretty cool. It has a very warming aesthetic and is a prime people watching spot if you can snag a window seat!

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