Review: Piku (at Red Barrel)


I’m so lucky to come from a region where wine and good weather is in abundance.

I had never been to Red Barrel before so the suggestion of going somewhere new for an afternoon drink was a welcome one. Bonus too, Piku is an Asian-fusion style restaurant serving up a range of different snacks and larger meals.

After ordering some wine tasting trays with a bit of help from our waiter, we ordered a few snacks to nibble on.

The kumara chips were the best I think I have ever had, the edamame was pretty tasty, the pork bao was not as good as what I am used to in Wellington and the fried chicken was classically good. Overall a great dining experience, and also pretty filling.

The setting of Piku was absolutely superb: we were out on a wooden patio, nestled amongst the vines. A great wee spot at which to pass the afternoon away.

Piku at Red Barrel: 265 Te Mata Road, Havelock North

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