Review: Polpetta


How’s this for a concept? Choose your protein; choose your pasta base; choose your sauce. So simple and it works SO well! We were delighted to stumble upon this innovative pasta bar during our time on New Plymouth and we could see why it has such a good reputation.

I got good vibes from the moment we walked in: it’s cosy, fun and well designed. We took our seats and ordered drinks while we pondered the menu. We had fried chicken and garlic bread to start – both were well priced, tasty and executed well. For our main we choose meatballs, a tomato base sauce and macaroni pasta. There were meat options ranging from lamb and beef to pork and duck. There was also fried chicken as a ‘meatball’ option! There were also plenty of vegetarian options too. Sauces ranged from pesto based, to cheese focused, branching out all the way to Vietnamese style sauces – which pairs well with the vermicelli and rice (base option). We were vibing Italian food (as non-beef eaters, it’s often hard to find meatballs in restaurants) so we had a pretty generic order. The price of the meal varied depending on the quantity of meatballs ordered – we found that four meatballs, in addition to our starters was plenty of food.

The meal was inexpensive and we left more than happy. I don’t get to New Plymouth very often, but I know one place I’ll visit next time I do go back!

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