Review: Precinct


Having been a student in Dunedin for 5 years I thought I would be all over the cafes, restaurants and bars that existed. But man, time sure changes everything – and it hasn’t even been that long. I had heard of Vogel Street when I was a student, but there was nothing really happening there. Now it is home to a bunch of cool eateries, one of these being Precinct. Precinct evolved from a catering company, The Inspired Pantry, and has now blossomed its way into a cafe.

It is set up in a very cool space – light, airy and wooden, and it has a massive kitchen with windows through which you can watch the staff cooking away. It plays home to The Inspired Pantry as well, so it is always a bustling hub of activity in there.

There is a menu with a range of brunch and lunch options, as well as a cabinet that is full with stylish, delicious looking goodies. Pricing was standard – about $18 for a meal.


Precinct (125 Vogel Street)

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