Review: Purebread Café

Gastown has a thriving café culture and Purebread is certainly no exception. The selection is overwhelming: it is certainly no place to go if you are trying to watch what you eat (unless you want to be seriously tempted!). My first visit was on a cold winter’s day and it was EXACTLY what I felt like. I was hungry and it took me SO long to pick what I wanted. Thankfully I had my darling boyfriend with me, who was willing to pick a few things and share (AKA he had no choice!).

After perusing the extremely expansive cabinet for a ridiculous length of time, we finally settled on an almond croissant and a chocolate chip choc slice to go with our coffees. We nabbed a seat in the window and waited for the goods to arrive.

Purebread was busy, although it seemed to have waves of excessive business and then it would die off to just be the customers at tables. I am guessing the standard customer takes a longer time than usual when making their order at Purebread because of the sheer selection!

We chose well: I’m an almond croissant lover and this certainly met my expectations. It’s one of those things that can be quite hit and miss (there is so much variance on the filling) and I was pleased to find this was a definite hit. The choc slice was also divine: very sweet, very chocolatey, but certainly divine!

There were a number of savoury options on offer in addition to the sweet goodies, but I am yet to try anything other than indulgence. We loved our window seats: it was a great view out onto a busy street and it kept us well entertained.

I have a goal to try something different each time I visit. Let’s see how long it takes me to work through the various items in the cabinet – my visa will probably expire first!!

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