Review: Savio Volpe

I was given a generous gift voucher for Savio Volpe and before I made it there, it was reaffirmed to me by many different people that it was one of their favourite restaurants in Vancouver. I wanted to do something nice for my mum (in return for all the nice things she has done for me over the years 😉 ) and so it was decided that we would go as a trio whilst Mum was visiting.

We treated ourselves to the Chefs’ Special – I assure you, I knew we’d be doing this well before we went. The Chef’s Special is basically a five course meal for $60 (excluding drinks) where we don’t choose what we eat, it is up the chef! (in hindsight, I don’t know whether it is best value for money, however I do know it makes for a very enjoyable experience)

To start, we were treated to an enormous platter of prosciutto, cheese and apple. I love prosciutto so much, so I was in heaven. It also came with these deliciously cheesy bread sticks that we had to ration ourselves on – who wants to fill up on bread when there is so much to come?!

Next up were some mouthwatering mussels and also some beautifully creative salads. We were starting to get a bit concerned about how full we were getting and knowing that the good stuff was yet to arrive. We had a wonderful table seated right in the window, which made for excellent dog watching and relaxing in between courses.

The meat and pasta arrived in good time. There were two pasta dishes as well as half a chicken! Luckily we had Andy with us because Mum and I were already panicking about the sheer quantity of food! All of it was exquisite – I don’t know if I have ever had chicken so succulent.

I loved not having a say in the food that was served to us because it meant I got to try a bunch of dishes that I probably wouldn’t have chosen if I was just ordering for myself. It also makes me really want to go back because I got to see some of the other meals that were coming out and knowing that next time I would want to try some of the other options on the menu.

Having gone back multiple times since that occasion, I have had the good fortune of trying a bunch of other dishes on the menu. Most recently, we were excited to try burrata – a cheesy trend that seems to be immensely popular right now! It was nice, but I have to admit I did struggle to see what the hype was all about (although I have nothing against it). Most recently, I went as part of a group of six, which was undeniably SO MUCH FUN – we got to try so many things!

I never thought that after eating all of Savio Volpe’s offerings, I would ever have room for dessert, but somewhat miraculously I managed to make it fit. Lemon tart (one of my favourites) and a chocolate trifle, which was so much more impressive than it sounds. I have now also had the olive oil chocolate tart and the cannoli – both of which were also exceptional.

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Our servers have always been  excellent – even making working in hospo seem like a really fun job!

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