Review: Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

Being as big and wholesome as what Melbourne is, it should come as no real surprise to hear that there is no real shortage of donut shops. However, like anywhere, there is a surplus of donut stodge, so it is important to sift through the stodge and find the real gems before you go.

The best donuts I have come across in Melbourne are from a teeny tiny store, fondly known as Shortstop. It is located uptown on Sutherland Street (not far from Hardware Lane). Daily, about ten different flavours are created to tempt you, and if you want to be choosing from the full selection I recommend you get there early. My favourite place to date is the maple walnut, however there are some far more exotic options available.

The place is only small, although it will accommodate a few seated customers at any given time. They do coffee too, which I hear sits okay on the scale of Melbourne coffee 😉

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts (12 Sutherland Street)

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