Review: Small Victory

One of my favourite bakeries in the city, Small Victory is not far off opening its fourth (and BIGGEST) location to date. I’ve actually only been to the bakery in Yaletown, but our friends speak very highly of its Granville St location also. It has a great reputation for its almond croissants (yay!) but this wasn’t the only thing that it does well, as we soon found out. The line for Small Victory often snakes around the corner but thankfully it moves extremely fast. There is lots of seating inside, as well as a few tables out on the patio. Because of Covid-19, it’s a lot more restricted feeling as the coffee bar is blocked off and you have to collect your own food, but it’s still lively enough that this doesn’t impact the experience at all. 

Small Victory has given me not just the best almond croissant I think I have ever had, but also, the best quiche I think I have ever had! The ham and spinach quiche is positively to die for and I know that I would probably struggle not to order it every single time I went. The coffee is fine and the cookies are also good, but everything pales in comparison to the amazingness that is the quiche and croissant! My praise for the quiche was backed up by Andy and he’s usually a tough critic when it comes to that kind of thing. Delightful!

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