Review: Something for Jess

Wow, Chippendale is such a great food area. So many options for every meal of the day. We came here for brunch because not only was it a few metres from our house, I’d eyed up the menu in advance and it looked positively delicious. 

The menu was crammed with stacks of local produce: avocado, hummus, eggs, fruit and even homemade peanut butter featured! (Yes I tried it, and yes it’s a contender for best PB ever). I knew I was going to have a tough time choosing, so I was relieved that Andy immediately identified the lamb burger as his meal of choice. 

The cafe is pretty small and there were lots of people working on laptops, looking rather content. It is on a street corner so has good in and out flow, and with the relaxed environment I agreed it would be a pleasant place to work. Cute decor: lots of scenery images, bowls of fruit and veges and even a cute little book swap. 

Coffee was good: our long blacks tasted like a strong batch brew (I.e very fruity and not at all bitter) so that was a win for me. Our waitress highly recommended I add the house peanut butter to my acai bowl and it was such a good decision. Even Andy (who rarely gives high praise) had to admit it was some of the nicest peanut butter we’d ever had. 

All in all, it was a very cute spot – cute name and cute food, how could we not love it?! The menu also changes weekly: the base menu stays the same but four new dishes are created each week and remain for one week only – an incentive to return… weekly perhaps?!

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