Review: Spice Alley

Our Air BnB advertised itself as being close to Spice Alley, a haven for foodies. Well, they weren’t wrong… And we actually had to force ourselves to not return there on our second night in Chippendale. I’d been a little confused at first, because on Google Maps it just looks like a restaurant, sitting alongside a number of other Asian fusion, more expensive restaurants. 

It became clear all too soon, with sign posts and fairy lights leading the way. It was exactly what I’d hoped for, but not at all what I’d expected to get. We were beyond ravenous, so I’d been hoping for an assortment of goodies from different cuisines that all came together to give us a massive feast. We turned the corner and found ourselves in a laneway (cross food court) crammed with colour, noise and yummy smells… Just like you might in Asia. 

We surveyed our options before settling on pork gyoza, Indian styled Mee Goreng (a fusion dream for Andy) and a red Thai curry, all from different stalls. Spice Alley is cashless, but there was a teeny surcharge for using cards which I thought a bit odd – like we had any other option! 


There were plenty of tables to choose from, so Andy fetched drinks while I circled our chosen stalls, waiting for our numbers to be called. For a grand total of $45 NZD we both left absolutely stuffed, eagerly discussing our hypothetical menu if we did decide to return the following night.

An absolutely must do when in Sydney, and if you do have space in your tummy for dessert, Reynold (from MasterChef Australia) has his dessert bar, KOI, just around the corner. 

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