Review: Stanley Park Brewing

One of the biggest perks of where we live is having Stanley Park basically on our doorstep. Even better, a brewery recently opened within the park and it makes for a great pit stop after a walk in the park.

The first time I went to Stanley Park Brewing was in the snow. We stepped outside for a walk along English Bay (I couldn’t stop marvelling at the fact there was snow to the ground, right to the water’s edge) with the intention of finishing up at a local café for some hot chocolates. Well, that plan went out the window when we stumbled across Stanley Park Brewing on our way home: a big beautiful log cabin in the middle of the woods – well, kind of.

Better yet, it was a week night and Happy Hour was in full force. We were basically the only people there (due to the snow) and we tucked ourselves away right next to the window. It was perfect. Stanley Park Brewing offers flights, a range of beer, a decent sized menu and a TV with sports as well as board games. The beer is great: I’ve enjoyed everything I have tried there.

The food is a bit more hit and miss… as appetizing as the menu sounds, I don’t think anything I have ordered has been executed as well as it should have been. In saying that, the fries are good (they’re not actually a menu item, but they’ll do them if you ask) and if you go at Happy Hour prices aren’t too expensive either.

It’s a wonderful space to hang out in, so I imagine that we will be frequent customers at the Brewery. It is also located right next to Pitch and Putt, which is a great afternoon activity!

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