Review: Sunflower Bakery


Sunflower Bakery may have an unassuming exterior, but what does it matter when the goodies are all on the inside anyway? This cute little bakery is popular with locals and I think the word is starting to spread down to Vancouver, because every time we passed through Squamish (pre- or post- hike, camping, ski trip…) we would always stop in. 

From hot quiches and sausage rolls to donuts and slices, there is something for any time of the day. The coffee beans are from 49th Parallel and the prices are such that we keep going back! The cinnamon scrolls are the best in the province, as voted by me and my friends. They aren’t just your classic cinnamon scroll, perhaps controversially (and the greatest decision ever), they ice them with lemon icing! They always sell out, so if you’re not there early you’ll be ordering something else. Not to worry, because I think the donuts are just as exciting – their variety of flavours and subsequent execution are always on point. I even surprised myself when I ordered a pink Homer Simpson donut and it was divine. 

For the past few years (yeah, yeah), Covid-19 has meant that it has been takeaway only. Not that that worries us, because we are usually on our way somewhere anyway! It makes the perfect pit stop and is highly worth the detour into Squamish. 

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