Review: Sushi Mugen

I would go here for the karaage chicken alone. Helpfully, it also has several other delicious options on the menu. It is located on Davie Street and balances wonderfully the atmosphere of somewhere relatively sophisticated with a menu that offers decent prices. The sushi options are the most expensive, however they all looked exquisite.

We ordered a few different dishes to try. My favourite was obviously the karaage chicken – it was fried just right. The udon noodles (in soup form) fell a little flat for me, I think the stir-fry option would be a lot nicer. The ton katsu bowl was delicious: an order I would highly recommend. The tofu appetizer also comes highly recommended, although I didn’t give that one a go. People around us were ordering various salad bowls and these looked intricately presented and delicious.

Asahi beer is cheap as chips and there was also a decent range of other drinks, including non-Japanese ones. Japanese tea is complimentary however, so if you’re on a budget then you don’t need to order a drink.

All in all, a good spot!

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