Review: The Basic

Literally the first meal we ate in Vancouver. Located on our block, just a mere stone’s throw away from our apartment’s front door, The Basic has become our local little greasy spoon. The service is great, the vibe is cozy and the menu is highly desirable. Say yes to the bottomless coffee (and unlike in New Zealand, the servers will be around frequently to ensure that your mug is always full) and the icy water.

The blackboard outside always has three daily specials, just to add to the already good selection in the menu. I think the French toast is fantastic – I make sure that either Andy or I order it every time. Everything tastes like homemade food, done really, really well. The French toast is just like something I would make at home, except better!

There is a huge selection of egg based meals and a range of different hashes. The pulled pork hash is particularly nice: smoky and spicy, not too dry and full of flavour. There are burgers and salads also available: while I have never indulged in a salad, I can vouch for the burgers. The portion size is large and everything is cooked right! Love it. The low prices also make it seem especially good value.

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