Review: The General Cafe


The General epitomises ‘trendy brunch cafe’, with its expansive menu, breakfast cocktails and light and airy setting. It’s the place to be on Saturday morning, and its proximity to the Mount township adds to its popularity. While there is usually a queue, the General is roomy and tables turn over quite quickly. 

The menu lends itself to decision paralysis, with many delicious options on offer. In the unlikely situation that something on the menu doesn’t appeal, the enormous cabinet will no doubt have something that tickles your fancy. From sweet cakes and pastries to gourmet sausage rolls and salads, the cabinet is a great choice for the cost conscious or the less hungry soul.  

The most popular dish is the French toast, which is decadent, whilst also being both balanced and refined. There are always lots of components on the plate, making the French toast an absolute adventure to eat. Another must try is the Turkish eggs; a popular classic done extremely well.

If you are ever in charge of choosing brunch, it’s hard to go wrong with The General.

Address: 19b Pacific Ave, Mount Maunganui



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