Review: The Greenhorn

Our new local, I hope. It’s just around the corner from our house, but in the opposite direction to the Denman Street shops. Rather, it sits amongst houses and subsequently has a real neighbourhood feel to it. We walked past a few times before actually venturing in and we immediately noticed the number of dogs parked up outside (yay), the line of people with their own takeaway cups and the warm smells that were being emitted.

The Greenhorn is bigger than it initially looks. There is an upstairs bit behind the kitchen that has extra seating. Which is good, as the lower part of the café is actually quite small. Once making our orders at the counter, we headed upstairs to what is a very spacious area with only one big table (designed for sharing) that we made ourselves comfy at.

The coffee was warming, the service great and the food even better. I couldn’t go past the muesli bowl (our first visit was in our earlier days in Vancouver, before I’d had the chance to make up my own muesli so the craving was strong) with the seasonal fresh fruit. The presentation was absolutely beautiful. The hazelnut but was positively to DIE FOR and although I had to ask for milk (which I always think is weird when one orders muesli) I finished off every last speck on my plate.

The others I was with all ordered variations of the eggs benedict. There wasn’t a huge amount of options on the menu however I have no doubt that everything is done well. The whole menu was reasonably priced, with the option of adding plenty of extras. The eggs were delightful: not only did they present beautifully, they were also very tasty.

The Greenhorn is a cozy spot that I know will always be a strong contender for a rainy afternoon where a scone and coffee will go down a treat. Especially knowing about this semi-secret table at the back –  it would be an easy spot to kill a few hours.

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