Review: Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Shout out to Timbertrain for providing the goods during lock-down! It took Andy and I a few weeks to venture out of the West End properly (all our walks kept us much closer to home, as advised by the provincial government) but eventually we made our way along into Gastown and the downtown area. The city had essentially transformed since I was last there – almost no people, and so many of the shop fronts were boarded up and covered with murals by local artists.

A few of the coffee shops around town have managed to keep their doors open serving takeaway goods. Once we saw the long line outside Revolver, we came around the corner to Timbertrain where there was no line at all. We thought we’d share the love amongst our favourite local businesses, so Timbertrain were the lucky recipients of our custom on that particular day (i.e. our first takeaway coffees during lock-down).

The interior of Timbertrain is crisp and modern. The table arrangement is clever with big tables as well as mini side tables,  so that whether you are there alone or with friends, the table at your seat will always be the perfect size. The menu is relatively small, with the usual selection of coffees plus a few extras, including a delicious cold brew on tap. There is also a wee cabinet with a number of delectable treats including… popcorn and marshmallow cookies! Why I didn’t think to take a photo of them escapes me, probably because I was too besotted with how delicious they looked! It was also laden with chocolate chunks, the perfect treat.

It was such a beautiful day we grabbed our coffees and cookies and headed along to Canada Place and Coal Harbour to enjoy our treats in the sun. Thanks Timbertrain!

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