Review: Tuc Craft Kitchen


Anyone paying attention to order of my posts: relax, my visit to the enormously popular Tuc Craft Kitchen took place a few weeks ago, well before congregating in public places was considered a no-go. Andy and I wore extremely fortunate to receive a generous gift voucher for Tuc Craft Kitchen from Andy’s brother Tom, and his wife, Nichola. We decided we’d treat ourselves to a brunch first (Tuc is famous for it’s ol’ chicken and waffles) and then we’d use whatever we had left towards a dinner out.

Tuc is spread across two levels. We were seated in the window downstairs, which I loved but quickly decided that although we were in Gastown, an extremely part of Vancouver, we weren’t on the prettiest of streets. However, people watching is always fun. Except for a visit to the washroom I didn’t get to explore upstairs, but I could tell it was busy. Our server was incredibly attentive and made sure we were always comfortable.

We ordered a vanilla latte (they made it sound far fancier than what it is) which was super delicious. Even though we both wanted chicken and waffles we ordered two different things, so that we could try more. I’m glad we did, as the chicken and waffles was so big it was actually ridiculous. There were four waffles and two whole chicken breasts! I couldn’t believe it, I could barely eat half of it let alone the whole plate. Thankfully Andy was there, but even he couldn’t finish it off. It was excellent- the chicken was fried beautifully: still tender and succulent but with a crunchy, tasty batter.

The other meal we ordered was essentially eggs and chorizo on toast, but with a much more fancy spin. The chorizo was oozing with flavour, it felt a crime to do anything other than savour it bit by bit. The meal was a much more reasonable portion size, plated beautifully and crammed with everything yummy – a success.

It might not be for awhile now, but we can’t wait to visit for dinner!

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