Review: Ubuntu Canteen

Ubuntu Canteen is hard to miss. Its exterior is painted a bright sunshine yellow and the shelves in the window are packed with freshly baked loaves of bread. There is usually people milling about outside, or forming a line as they wait in the queue.

While I think the quality of the bread and other baked goods is probably their selling point, they seem to have a focus on doing basic things really, really well. The menu is refined – mostly things which showcase their breads, including omelettes, bacon and eggs, and sandwiches. The crockery used is basic ceramic, but with an air of sophistication where you know they have chosen it deliberately with a classy minimalistic approach in mind. Seating is limited: the interior is small, but brightly lit with cosy tables and delicious smells. There is also seating on the sidewalk on the side street, which is lovely on a sunny day. A covered patio sits out back, which is where most of the tables are and is lovely, but could possibly get cold in winter.

In my opinion, Ubuntu does some of the best baked bread in town. They also do a cracking almond croissant a pretty yum chocolate chip cookie (both pictured below)! Everything in the cabinet looks decadent, in addition to the croissants and cookies, I really rate the quiches (most recently, the mushroom and kale) as well as their fruit danishes. Someone out back has a fantastic pastry recipe, one which I’d love to get my hands on.

I have also been to Ubuntu for brunch recently with friends. We sat out on the back patio with Con and Tay’s doggo, Stanley, and enjoyed a range of items of the brunch menu. I couldn’t go past the truffle omelette with wild mushroom ragout (WOW) and I marvelled at the thick cut bacon rashers on the bacon and eggs plate. Each meal came with little containers of delicious homemade rhubarb and raspberry jam, and butter, to lather all over the freshly baked bread which accompanied our meals. The whole thing was positively scrumptious!

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