Review: Winston Cafe

Not my first time at Winston Cafe in North Vancouver, but again I was impressed by the quality of the service. Extremely friendly and accommodating, the people at Winston sure know how to please. 

Winston is modern, with a cabinet of freshly baked goods and a huge coffee menu displayed on the walls behind. There is an upstairs section, mezzanine style (I haven’t actually been up there) along with a few different seating options downstairs. It’s an inspiring spot: pre-covid times, it would have been a pleasant place to park up with a laptop to do some work. 

The menu is also modern, but relatively simple. Eggs, granola, shakshuka, pancakes and smashed avo on sourdough – all the yummy staples that make up a modern cafe menu and done right, they can be just divine. 

Starting with coffee, the drip coffee is fruity and floral. Andy went rogue and ordered an oat milk latte; an order which then turned into a shared order as he learnt that he had paid $1 more for a kind of milk that he really didn’t like. He felt good about saving the environment though!

While the food at Winston is always tasty (and served with a smile), I don’t think the execution is yet 10/10. It wouldn’t stop me going, but I have on occasion thought that with some effort, I would probably make something of similar quality at home. 

Winston is one of my favourite places in North Vancouver and it’s conveniently located on the main drag. I always look forward to going back and relaxing there, with a yummy plate of something else in front of me. Winston also turns into a wine bar in the evenings; transforming it into a whole other experience! 

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