Scorch o Rama



Scorch o Rama (497 Karaka Bay Road)

I don’t have a car in Wellington, but if I did I would visit here far more frequently than I do. It is slightly inconvenient to get to without a car, and the bus timetable just isn’t that great. In saying that, I have managed to make it here a fair few times and it never fails to please. Most recently, my cousin and I biked here. Great exercise to burn off that brunch! Its set-up offers the opportunity to feel like you are visiting a new place each time: depending on whether you sit outside across the road from the main cafe, in the conservatory style room where the sun absolutely oozes in on a good day, or in the bustling, delicious smelling cafe itself – it makes it feel like you are visiting the cafe for the first time again. One of my favourite things about it is that the outside part is dog-friendly, meaning it makes for a prime dog-watching spot (if you are a dog lover such as myself!).

Like all good Wellington cafes, Scorch o Rama creates some outstanding vintage-style shakes, great eggs bene and has a delectable cabinet.

Next sunny day Wellington has, I suggest you make your way out to this beautiful seaside spot.

Favourites: the thickshakes, feijoa kombucha (this stuff is seriously amazing), the captions accompanying each meal description and the pesto mushrooms. Nom!

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