Sidetrack Cafe


Sidetrack Cafe (Shop 3, Marine Parde, Bay of Plenty)

My mum introduced me to this place; her and my aunt visit it every time they climb up or walk around the Mount. Considering they do this a few times every week, you could say they were “regulars” at this cafe. Mum’s fussy when it comes to her mocha (not too much coffee, but not so chocolatey that it’s like a hot-chocolate) and Sidetrack seems to do them almost perfectly. Combine that with their gigantic raspberry and white chocolate muffins and it isn’t hard to see why Mum goes almost no-where else. It’s extremely cramped (but so is everywhere along that strip) but always bustling and vibrant. It has a huge juice/smoothie menu – with some absolute treats on there, and also some great features in the cabinet. Worth a stop – whether you are pre-loading before your climb, or re-energising afterwards, it is sure to be delicious either way!



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