Sixes and Sevens Deli


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Sixes and Sevens Deli (51 Taranaki Street)

As a member of the gym across the road I always knew that Sixes and Sevens existed, but it wasn’t until I had their donuts at the Wellington On a Plate pop-up stand that I knew I needed to visit the cafe itself. They were the best donuts I tried, and the funky exterior of the cafe promised so much more for the inside.

I visited for lunch, and not only was the coffee bang on, but the cabinet was sensational and the donuts were again unreal. Pictured above was the plum and vanilla mascarpone donut, as well as the lemon curd and pistachio cream. The lemon and pistachio donut was single-handedly the best donut I have ever had in my life. The cabinet was full of various goodies, from salads and croissants to bliss balls and other sweet treats. It is relatively small, but the staff are super friendly which gives it a cosy vibe and a place where you could happily whittle away an afternoon. Sixes and Sevens, I will be back – and not just for donuts.


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