Biscuits, Brownies and Slices

Afghans ♦ Caramel Slice ♦ Chocolate Chunk Cookies ♦ Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies ♦ Peanut BrowniesShortbread ♦ Triple Chocolate Brownie

Cakes and Muffins

Banana & Choc Chip Muffins ♦ Feijoa Cake ♦ Chocolate Mud Cake (gluten free)


Lemon Curd

Scones and Breads

Savoury Scones ♦ Cheese and Chive Scones ♦ Foccacia Bread

Vegan and/or Refined Sugar Free

Ginger and Maca Cookies ♦ Kale Crisps ♦ Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls ♦ Lemon and Coconut Cups ♦ Lemon and Coconut Muffins ♦ Muesli Bars ♦ Snickers Bliss Balls