Starlake Restaurant


Starlake (18/27 Te Mata Road)

The Starlake Restaurant has long been a family favourite. Growing up, it was always a default for weekend take-aways, and as we have gotten older we tend to dine in more frequently when we come home for holidays. I can’t recommend more highly that when you go to Starlake you order a few different things and share them amongst the table. My Dad always likes to order for us, which is fine, because by now he basically knows the menu inside out and knows exactly how to cater to our tastes. Some of our favourites that have remained throughout the years include the 5-spice squid, the mountain pork (spicy though!), the sizzling steak and the almond chicken. I have only recently discovered the roti here, and the peanut sauce is so incredibly spectacular that I just had to ask for the recipe (successfully too, although I swore I wouldn’t share it!). It’s BYO, and the prices of the mains are reasonable, but probably more expensive than some Asian restaurants. Typical of Asian restaurants though, the service is spectacular and the food always comes fast.

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