Review: Tay Street Beach Cafe

Tay Street Beach Cafe (154 Marine Parade)

Literally metres away from where my Mum lives, somewhere I have never really been to because when I’m there we tend to venture further into town. Seemingly popular, I had always wondered whether this place was worth the hype, or if it was popular purely because it was beach side. I had often checked out the menu and the lunch/dinner options are all quite expensive and fancy sounding, part of the reason I guess we hadn’t really been yet.

We decided to check it out for brunch because it was a beautiful sunny day and we wanted to be near the beach (convenience right there?). The breakfast menu looked delicious, and the lunch menu had also started by the time we finally got out of bed (blame the jet lag please) and walked there. This gave us plenty of options to choose from!

I had the granola, and although some may argue it is hard to mess up granola, I would seriously disagree. The granola here was great. For only $15, I got a huge bowl, topped with a substantial amount of fruit (including orange, apple, pineapple, kiwifruit and strawberry), coconut yoghurt (so much of it that I couldn’t finish it – I like it, but only in small amounts) and drizzled with honey. There was also a nice big jug with plenty of milk on the side. Andy ordered the pork burger and chips (surprise surprise) and this was also pretty decent. Slightly more expensive (but still only $21) it was a decent sized portion with heaps of fries. Personally, I didn’t think the burger looked thatttttt great, but it still tasted nice and the fries were even better.

There was a cabinet with some delicious looking treats (both clean eats and not available) and the coffee we ordered was yum.

I think this place proved itself worthwhile, and although I think the reason we went there initially was pure convenience, we didn’t walk away disappointed.

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