Thai Tara


14113814_10209734085656077_1259536827_oThai Tara (111 Vivian Street)

I guess this place could be considered off the beaten track – Vivian Street runs perpendicular to Cuba, but Thai Tara is a few blocks along Vivian away from Cuba – so a little bit hidden. It’s always pretty quiet (aside from when the student BYOs roll in) but for no reason other than it’s not mainstream – because the food is absolutely delicious! The roti is right up there with the best roti ever, and the Pad Thai is pretty darn authentic (pictured above). Everything on the menu is really cheap, and also available are some “Kiwi options” (which are slightly more Western). I aren’t a huge fan of ordering soup when I go out, but the Tom Yum soup here is both warming and filling (caution to the spice sensitive).

Overall the place is pretty small, but well worth the visit – especially if you feel like cheap Thai takeaway, or a casual dinner.

Price range: $10 – $20

Best dish: The roti is $6.50 and although I demolished it all by myself, it is definitely intended for sharing. Great value!

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