Review: The Apple Shed Cafe

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing we decided on The Apple Shed Cafe for dinner. We had set out to Mapua Wharf relatively non-fussy about what we ate, which meant we really struggled to make a choice as there were lots of options – live music vs. waterfront views vs. slightly cheaper menu… the list goes on. The Apple Shed Cafe fit the bill of not only being slightly cheaper than some of its neighbours, but also with a few more desirable options. Without realising it, I think most of us were in the market for seafood, because between us we ordered a seafood chowder, the fish of the day, salmon and a chicken roulade!

The food was pretty decent; it came out pretty quickly despite a massive party of about 20 people being seated next to us. There were a good selection of craft beers on range (it is Nelson, after all) and several wine options. Unfortunately we didn’t stay for dessert as we were heading home to light a bonfire and have s’mores for dessert.

A tasty experience overall, costing about $45 per person all up (for a meal and a drink).

The Apple Shed Cafe (Mapua Wharf)

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