The Bach


The Bach (108 Maunganui Road)

A super beachy looking place in the hub of the Mount township; I’ve always been attracted to it purely by its interior decor. It’s spacious, with large tables, menus on the wall and a cabinet + low counter across from which you order. The coffee is tasty, the brownie is divine and the french fries with aioli and ketchup are to die for. The brunch options all sound great; I have heard good things about the eggs. When we were there we logged into the wifi on my computer – it was a slightly annoying process whereby you needed an access code and were limited to a certain amount of data per voucher – but it ended up sounding more annoying that it actually was because it was all very easy. The staff are lovely; the cafe closed at three, but because we were doing admin with our laptops, they told us they were happy for us to keep working if we didn’t mind them cleaning up around us. Very accommodating, I will surely be back!


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