The Dumpling Company


The Dumpling Company (Willis Street)

First there was sandwiches, second came sushi, and now taking the lunchtime staple by storm are dumplings. It took far too long for downtown Wellington to get seriously good dumplings, and seriously, no-one is going to trek all the way to House of Dumplings from Lambton Quay in their lunch break. Dumpling’d arrived early 2015, followed by it’s second store mid 2016 – and alas, only a few short months later The Dumpling Company has opened on Willis Street, a mere few metres down the road. Providing some serious competition for Dumpling’d, The Dumpling Co has recently opened under Jessica Tang (of Dragons, Tory Street) who creates the dumplings out in Kaiwharawhara before having them brought into the shop. The flavours differ only slightly, beef and kimchi being the main new addition, but the dumplings are served as a break-apart pizza (pictured), which certainly creates a point of difference. Also on the menu is chilli oil dumpling noodle soup (also pictured) in addition to sides such as noodles and seaweed salad.

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