The Larder


The Larder (133 Darlington Road, Miramar)

For me, The Larder was one of those places that kept popping up in various awards and competitions (namely, Wellington on a Plate, and Wellington’s Top 10 Restaurants etc) but I had no idea where it actually was. I knew it would be fine dining, and when I saw a sample of their menu, I thought it would be somewhat similar to Jano Bistro in the CBD.

Not too far off the mark. It was definite fine dining, and had the same intimate feel that both Jano Bistro and Boulcott Street Bistro provide with such ease. It was relatively small; clearly in the living area of a converted house, but it still managed to hold a fair few tables. It was pretty loud in there, we actually enjoyed it more as the night went on and the place started to clear out.

The menu was very interesting. Not only does it change daily, it is also very quirky; one of those places where things might not sound that great but you just have to put faith in the chefs. Examples of features of different dishes on the night that we were there included jellyfish, duck heart, sweet bread and pig hoof.

The service was exceptional, we felt like we could have been the only two people in the entire restaurant.

All of the food was intricately presented, it was all so beautiful. I’m not sure whether we ordered dessert because we were still hungry or just because we wanted to see more beautiful food – but I’m glad we did, because it was gorgeous, and delicious.

A definite hot-spot for a special occasion.


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