The Lindt Cafe


The Lindt Cafe (53 Martin Place)

Enough to induce salivation by its mere title, the Lindt Cafe was top of the list of our places we wanted to visit when we in Sydney. Having heard all about the siege that happened back in 2014, we were intrigued to see the place where it all happened, and were absolutely taken aback by how central and safe-feeling the area seemed. There was no way that anyone could have expected such an event to happen in a place like it – it was really spooky. Paying tribute on Martin Place is a memoir to remember that tragic day and all of those who suffered.

The cafe itself does not seem to have suffered long-term from the siege (thankfully). When you walk into the cafe you are greeted by stacks of individually wrapped Lindt balls, which are available for pick’n’mix to take away. We were shown to our seats and presented with some of the most delicious looking menus. Deliberately, we had just already eaten lunch (savoury of course) so our eyes quickly found the sweet section (mind you, it wasn’t short!). The cabinet was full of delectable goodies; even things that by name I wouldn’t choose, looked absolutely amazing sitting in this cabinet. I couldn’t move past the idea of a Lindt dark chocolate thickshake, and logic saw me order two macarons (as opposed to one of the cakes/tarts – whereby feeling ill would have been inevitable I’m sure). The hot chocolates were also incredible: deconstructed, with a jug of fluffy hot milk, and a pot of melted chocolate – to be combined at your own leisure to create a custom made hot chocolate.

We couldn’t leave without buying some souvenirs, so we spent a bit of time looking around the shop itself.

I would highly recommend the Lindt Cafe, whether it be for an afternoon pitstop or for an actual meal – even though I didn’t try savoury food, I though the croissants looked fantastic.

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