Tokyo Tina


Tokyo Tina (66a Chapel Street, Windsor)

Wow. This was a dining experience like nothing else I had in Melbourne; it was hands and shoulders above the rest. Hats off the chef, George Proudfoot, who absolutely blew my family away with some of the intricacies that he served us. From the moment we arrived we were treated like royalty and essentially had our choice of seating. Another one of those restaurants that doesn’t take bookings unless you have at least six people, we opted to get there early to ensure we wouldn’t have to wait. It paid off, and we picked a cute little table in the window front.

First things first, cocktails. The cocktail menu was very quirky, but also quite expensive. We all picked different drinks so that we could have a wee taste of a few; they were all very exotic – mostly classic cocktail mixes, with some crazy modern twists. After drinks came food. Here we ran into trouble, for a few reasons. There were so many options, each sounding better than the last. But, we had a vegetarian on board, as well as me – who couldn’t eat beef. We ended up mostly taking what the chef served to us; which resulted in a mixture of beef, non-beef, vegetarian and non-veg dishes. We took our waitor’s recommendation a lot too; he was great at knowing how much food we should get, and which dishes would go well with others. Lastly, dessert was a real treat. We were all so stuffed that we very nearly couldn’t eat it. But, everyone who knows me well knows that I can never say no to lemon meringue pie, and who was I to say no to yuzu meringue pie!? I had heard of this exotic Japanese citrus fruit only on Masterchef, so was keen to give it a try. And it was so yummy; we ended up polishing off every last mouthful.

Tokyo Tina has sister restaurants in Saigon Sally and Hanoi Hannah; both of which also sound delicious, but unfortunately we ran out of time to get there too. It was such an enjoyable dining experience. I would definitely recommend sharing the food there, but keep in mind it can be kind of pricey.



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