Viva Mexico

Viva Mexico (161 Riddiford Street)

Not one, but two locations of this scrumptious restaurant exist in Wellington. There is one located in the CBD, on Left Bank (off Cuba Street) and there is also one in Newtown. This post is about the Newtown one. The restaurant is located on a corner, and doesn’t look particularly exciting from the outside (in fact, I have walked past a few times and thought it was closed – and only upon taking a closer look did I realise it was open). It is surprisingly big on the inside, and pretty spacious too. There is barely a centimetre of wall space to spare; it’s covered in everything Mexican you can think of; skulls, posters, tequila bottles, more skulls, paintings – the list goes on! The menu is more authentic sounding than some of the other Mexican places about, a few of the things are such that you don’t really even know what you’ve ordered until it’s set down on the plate in front of you! The food is really tasty though, and the staff are all helpful and friendly.

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