Vudu Café & Larder


Vudu Café (16 Rees Street)

Vudu Café is one of those funky places that people talk about and you want to visit so that you are up with the know. There are two branches of it (both in Queenstown) and on this particular day we visited Rees Street. It sells itself as soon as you walk  in. There is a massive cabinet with the most delicious looking food overflowing at all ends. It was streaming with people (it’s counter-service, which was a little bit stressful given the layout of the café – there wasn’t much room for queuing, but there were a lot of people trying to queue) which of course is a good sign, and thankfully we found a table away from the crowds so that we got a bit of piece and quiet. It stretches out into a courtyard as well, making it a beautiful place to sit on a sunny day.


I had a tough time choosing what to eat – everything looked so scrumptious. In the end we decided to share and get a mixture of stuff; we definitely over ordered though, and ended up taking some of the food away (I’m still glad we got to try it all though!). The almond croissant (pictured below) was so delicious, the layers of pastry just melted in your mouth. And of course, the black hamburger bun is always a bit of excitement. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Queenstown, although if you can avoid the peak times it will probably be a little easier to get a table.

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