WBC (Wholesale Boot Company)


WBC (107 Victoria Street)

Located on the first floor of the Wholesale Boot Company building, WBC offers its customers so much more than what initially meets the eye. Despite working just down the road, I heard so much about WBC before I managed to even locate it, as it’s tucked away upstairs and completely inconspicuous without the sole sign. The first time I went there was during Wellington on a Plate 2015, and while mildly impressed, I didn’t see the urge to go rushing back. But after my most recent visit that opinion has changed, and now I think the place is beautiful; decor, food and service all exceeded my past expectations. Sister restaurant to Capitol, WBC is a smaller version of the same – but still boasting the same quality. Its decor is unique, with large concrete pillars crisscrossing above (apparently integral to it’s structure – which we are all grateful for in these earthquake decorated times.

The menu itself is delicious and designed to share. Oysters (and clams too) are the obvious place to start; it is hard to go past those freshly shucked mouthfuls of goodness. There are a range of small plates, large plates and sides – some dishes are more easily spread amongst people than others. My most recent visit saw quite an Asian theme shining through the dishes (think chilli, coriander, peanuts and tamarind) and they definitely leave you wanting more. The dessert menu is exciting; delicately paired flavours, all of which complement each other through every mouthful.

The perfect place for a highly enjoyable dining experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

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