Arrowtown Bakery


Arrowtown Bakery (1 Buckingham Street)

A visit to Arrowtown is never complete without a visit to the Arrowtown Bakery. Famed for its pies (and venison in particular), th e Arrowtown Bakery also does a good coffee and some delicious scrumptious pastries. Conveniently located on the very edge of town, there is a parking lot across the road or you could just nab a park if you plan to take away. There is a designated eating space, which is family-friendly. It’s hard to say what a good pie is worth these days, but at $6 a pop, I think these pies are definitely worth it. I’ve had a few of the flavours now, and I would certainly recommend the Thai green chicken curry, in addition to the lamb and mint as well as the butter chicken flavours. 

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