Bikin’ the Bays


Wellington’s coastline stretches out across a number of kilometres, and with bays for days what better way to see it than by bicycle? It is a unique daytrip with some incredibly diverse scenery, opportunity for plenty of photographs and an endless supply of delicious eateries to nourish one’s soul.

First and foremost, you will need to get yourself a bike. Fergs Kayaks is my go-to for any outdoorsy needs. Secondly, layer up. We’ve all experienced the icy blasts that Wellington can deliver and with a curvaceous journey ahead, a ferocious headwind at some point is inevitable. Lastly, and most importantly, plan your route. Delicious food stops are crucial; it pays to be strategic.

Logic says follow the bays out past Oriental and around towards the airport. Beach Babylon provides an early pit-stop if your legs are screaming already, or push on to Chocolate Fish, where the fresh seafood sandwiches cooked on the BBQ are positively delicious. Save some room for Scorch O Rama; it’s just around the corner and has thick-shakes worth waiting for. Scorching Bay comes at the end of some gnarly, rugged landscape, which serves as a perfect viewing spot for ferry-watching. My favourite leg to cycle, this leg of the Tour-de-Wellington provides scenery like nowhere else.

Cue scenery change as you encounter the ‘burb that is Seatoun and the first (and only) hill of the journey. At least an up means a down, and the downwards stretch through Breaker Bay is nothing short of jaw-dropping. The baches, divers, beaches and shrubbery are incongruous (but charming), given that our country’s capital city lies just around the corner (and an international airport closer still).

Maranui and Spruce Goose mark the beginning of the final stretch.  Loop back here and at Queen’s Wharf you will have clocked a solid 32km (or continue to Island Bay and even Owhiro Bay if your butt and legs haven’t yet surrendered). Now you can enjoy the immense satisfaction of ticking something off your bucket list that most Wellingtonians don’t even realise should be on there. Add it, if you haven’t already.



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