Capital: LjubljanaPopulation: 2.1 millionCurrency: Euro (€)Language: Slovenian. Italian and Hungarian are also widely spoken.

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A country that is frequently forgotten about, Slovenia has plenty going for it. In recent years, tourists have started tapping into Slovenia’s beauty and I suspect that tourism there is only going to increase – as the secret that is Slovenia is no longer kept under wraps. It’s comparatively cheap and the scenery is stunning – what more does one need? 

Ljubljana: baroque meets modern day architecture in this charming capital city. Take the time to appreciate it in one of the many riverside cafes.

Bled: glacial lake fed by hot springs, the town itself is dominated by a cliff-side medieval castle.

Piran: coastal city; quaint and chilled.

Istria: wine, cycling and caves… wonderfully unique.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 20 people keep bees. That makes for almost 100,000 bee keepers in Slovenia.
  • Bees aren’t the only things that are popular; so too are wineries. There is approximately 1 winery or vineyard for every 75 people.
  • The people of Slovenia have been described as ‘quietly conservative, deeply self-confident, remarkable, broad-minded, especially tolerant and very hospitable’.
  • Over 500 brown bears roam the Slovenian forests.

Useful tips

  • It may be a small country but it doesn’t compromise on diversity – especially for adventure lovers. Hiking, rafting, caving and cycling are all activities found in abundance.
  • Prepare yourself for a meaty diet. There is lots of pork, veal, beef and cured meats in the typical Slovenian diet.
  • The bus network is extensive. Trains are increasing but are still relatively slow.