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Poneke (1 Clyde Quay Wharf)

With a menu designed by renowned chef, Martin Bosley, Poneke has a delicious menu for both brunch and evening. Being Mojo coffee, I always know exactly what to expect when I order my coffee, and the sparkling water that Mojo offers never goes amiss either.

The slow cooked mince is true and tried one of the best items on the entire menu – even converting a sweet tooth to order this dish when I get the chance. If the sweet tooth remains at the end of the meal though, there is a delectable cabinet of patisseries and other goodies by the till.

I have been to an engagement party at Poneke and the facilities were great. It was a good size for a function like that, and the food on offer was delicious.

It has a cool location (right down there on the waterfront) but I think it sometimes gets forgotten about as it is on the other side of the Chaffers Dock Apartments, meaning it is quite well hidden.

Sidetrack Cafe

Sidetrack Cafe


Sidetrack Cafe (Shop 3, Marine Parde, Bay of Plenty)

My mum introduced me to this place; her and my aunt visit it every time they climb up or walk around the Mount. Considering they do this a few times every week, you could say they were “regulars” at this cafe. Mum’s fussy when it comes to her mocha (not too much coffee, but not so chocolatey that it’s like a hot-chocolate) and Sidetrack seems to do them almost perfectly. Combine that with their gigantic raspberry and white chocolate muffins and it isn’t hard to see why Mum goes almost no-where else. It’s extremely cramped (but so is everywhere along that strip) but always bustling and vibrant. It has a huge juice/smoothie menu – with some absolute treats on there, and also some great features in the cabinet. Worth a stop – whether you are pre-loading before your climb, or re-energising afterwards, it is sure to be delicious either way!






Dockside (Queen’s Wharf, Shed 3, Wellington Waterfront)

Perched on the waterfront, Dockside offers a fine-dining experience with wonderfully scenic views. Although it’s quite expensive, the food itself is delicious. It has been popping up on GrabOne quite often recently, so I have managed to score some great deals there. It is amazing being so close to the water, however I have noticed that on sunny days, it shines right onto the tables and can actually be extremely bright; however, Dockside has numerous hats and sunglasses on offer to counter the problem! Whenever I have eaten there the service has been exceptional, apart from one time where we just wanted to order coffee – and they made us sit outside (in the shade) and essentially forgot about us! Great venue for functions and afternoon drinks etc.


On my most recent occasion there I ordered a dish that I was a little unsure about. It was comprised of a Maryland chicken, served on spaghetti with walnuts, bacon and rocket. Individually, all of these ingredients sound absolutely divine, but I wasn’t sure if the meal as a whole was going to actually go together, in that the chicken wouldn’t actually be mixed through the pasta in any way. When it came out though, I laughed at myself for even doubting Dockside’s ability to put something together that wasn’t top quality. The entire meal was divine, and we polished off every last mouthful.