Autumn in Van

I have never been someone who gets excited by autumn, or fall, as it’s more commonly referred to here in North America. Maybe Vancouver just does it better than anywhere I’ve ever lived before, or maybe 2020 has taught me to better appreciate the little things in life (probably it’s a combination of both). Whatever the reason, I sure have ‘fall’en in love with autumn.

Autumn no longer represents the transition between my favourite season to my least favourite season, rather it conjures images of trees, fielding leaves in every possible shade of red, orange, yellow and green – sometimes all at the same time. Incredible for an aspiring photographer. Autumn also makes me think of pumpkins, cinnamon and pies – apparently all the rage here in Canada. It coincides with both Thanksgiving and Halloween here, which means long weekends and quality time spent with friends.

I couldn’t stop taking photos of the trees, so thought I would ‘leave’ some of them here…


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