Best Ugly Bagels


Best Ugly Bagels (7 Swan Lane)

Al Brown strikes again,  and this time its in the form of his Best Ugly Bagel store expanding to Wellington. Tucked away in Swan Lane (off Cuba Street) the aroma of bagels cooking in the wood-fired oven acts as the bait, and the catch is the menu itself; traditional yet innovative, quirky but delicious. To describe the shop itself in three words, we would say ‘hip, industrial and funky’. With prices ranging anywhere from $5 – $15 (depending on your topping choice) I rate the bagels as being some of the best I have ever had. There is very limited seating (it’s really just an area to wait for your bagel) but if you do manage to grab a spot, there is an exceptional view of the car-park outside. It mayn’t sound inviting, but on a sunny day when the windows are open and the sun streams in it feels really peaceful, despite Cuba Street being a mere 20 metres away. One of my favourite things about the place is that when you make an order, the person at the till yells it for everyone to hear, and then all of the staff repeat what she said. It has evolved into a bit of a game for the staff, and some sure entertainment for customers. Be sure to check out the flavour of the week – they serve some scrummy ones!


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